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Top 5 Best Places in El Paso to go on your First Date

Top 5 Best Places in El Paso to go on your First Date

When it comes to choose a place to go for first date, it’s quite surprising that even the most creative person find it hard to find a great place to go on his first date. While most of people keep weekends to go on dates you can also go on a date during the week.

A lot of people spend many hours in contemplating on various places. They keep coming up with lots of ideas, but the places aren’t just suited for the first date. Generally, under normal circumstances we dream of some places where we would like to have our date. However, when we already speak to our date, we just end up saying clinched things such as you decide on the venue, you choose a place and I’ll be there, or where every you want is fine by me.

Why risk sounding indecisive and banal? Of course, that’s not want you want for your first date. You would want your date to think that you can control a situation and make decisions. Therefore, whether you’re a gal or guy, you need to spend some time in thinking about the best place for your first date. Keep in mind that the place may keep on changing depending on what level your relationship is currently at. However, when talking about first date, the venue needs to be where you and your date can be relaxed, enjoy, have fun, and be in position to leave the place early if in case you’re not comfortable. These are the things that you should consider when fixing your first date for lunch times. As a matter of fact, a lunch time date is a great idea for first date, while the next dates should be done at weekends when both of you can already spend more extra time with each other if the things are perfectly working out between the two of you.

Therefore, when choosing the best place for you first date, you need to ensure to take enjoyment, fun, and excite in consideration. It would also be best to have a few spots ready where you can spend great and meaningful time with your date as your get to know each other. Keep in mind that a day time date can be as much fun as dating in evening.

Here are the top 5 dating places in El Paso to go on your first date:

1. Bella Napoli – This is a very popular Italian eatery that has been in business since 1960. If you and your date are big fans of jazz music, this is a great place to spend your first date.

2. Sunny’s – This is a restaurant that offers delicious Japanese foods. Sunny’s is a romantic and casual place perfect for your first date.

3. Greenery Restaurant and Market – As what its name implies Greenery Restaurant and Market is offering full menu of specialty and healthy choices. A great place for first date for health conscious couples.

4. Carlos and Mickey’s – If you want an authentic dining experience in El Paso, this is a great place to spend your first date. This place is offering a variety of Mexican food and features live band while you and your date eats. Read the reviews

5. Café Central – If your date prefers fine dining, this is the best place for you first date. You might find the menu to be expensive but it’s definitely worth it.